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Keyword Research Pack
[Keyword1] by Hot Buckles Inc.
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When a person wants any information or product or service on the internet, what she do is the searching over the internet. She enters some specific words in the search text box of the engines like google, yahoo, bing and many others. According to the words entered, search engines delivers the relevant pages. The words used by the searcher to search the information are called keywords. A keyword may be a single word of may be combination of many words (key phrases). To get your webpage considered as the priority page by bots for given keywords, a certain rules and technical procedures are required to be followed by the website owner/ developer/ marketer. This is called keyword research and marketing.
Before you start keyword marketing, you shall have a ready list of keywords those you want to promote. This is not a job easily to be done by a piece of paper and pencil. You can generate ideas of keywords by populating the word list by your knowledge but not success probably. Successful keywords marketing requires detailed research of the keywords as there are certain chances that you chose improper keywords and loose your marketing efforts and potential business. There are many ways you can make mistakes in selecting the keywords

  1. Using a keyword too long or short
  2. Making spelling mistake while implementing the keyword
  3. Using a keyword that is not relevant to your page
  4. Using a keyword that is not being used by searchers in practice

To overcome all these issues, our specialized SEO team follow a well crafted technical procedure to research the keywords those best suits your website. That will be a perfect balance of market requirements and your business.
We populate your most important business keywords and optimize your website for the keywords. These are the specific areas where we place the keywords in such a way that search engine robots consider them as important page in their ranking.
  1. Uniform Resource Locators (URL)
  2. Web Page title tag.
  3. Meta keyword and keyphrases tag
  4. Meta description tag
  5. Page content
  6. Anchor Text (Text URL)

While using keywords in a website is really important, using too many keywords in a page,("keyword stuffing") is never a good idea. It is also frowned upon by search engines. Effective keyword research can improve a website's search engine ranking, but a wrong strategy may harm the website reputation a lot and may even be ignored by the bots for next visits.
100% Authentic
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 September, 2010.
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